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REF TEK, a Trimble brand, is backed by worldwide support to provide users with the assurance they need for REF TEK solutions for seismic and structural monitoring projects.


Region Phone Number
America +1 888 879 2207
New Zealand +64 3 963 5201
Australia  +61 8 618 974 62
China +86 100 670 9659
Europe, Middle East and Africa  +49 6142 789091

Calibration Sheets

If you require a sensor calibration sheet for the Observer 151B Broadband Seismometer, the 147A Uniaxial Accelerometer or the 147A Triaxial Accelerometer then enter the serial number located on the product into the box below to receive the original calibration documentation for your equipment.

GO!Enter the serial number on the product to obtain the specific calibration sheet PDF
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