REF TEK Instruments for the USArray Project

PRESS RELEASE - December 1, 2003

In September of 2003, REF TEK participated in a tender for the USArray program. USArray is a continental scale seismic array with permanent and transportable components that will map the structure and dynamics of the continent and the underlying mantle at high resolution. After evaluation of competitive bids, IRIS selected REF TEK to provide equipment for a “flexible component” of the USArray program.

The “flexible component” will consist of 400 portable, three-component, short-period and broadband seismographs based on the REF TEK 3rd generation High Resolution Seismic Recorder, model 130-01/3 and 2000 single-channel high frequency recorders (REF TEK 125A Recorder “The Texan”) for active and passive source studies. For this project the 125A Recorder will be upgraded with a standard interface (USB 2.0) for easy command/control and faster data download to a customer’s computer. The 125A will also have the option for higher backup memory.