REF TEK Equipment Plays Unique Role in Costa Rican Strong Motion/Seismic Network

PRESS RELEASE – April 5, 2012

24-Bit Strong Motion Accelerograph

A small earthquake in Cost Rica brought some attention to REF TEK equipment, which is being used in one of the Costa Rican Seismic Networks, after a local English newspaper posted an article discussing the capabilities of the seismic sensors and the work of the Costa Rican Seismic Engineering Laboratory (Laboratorio de Ingeniería Sísmica, also known as LIS).

The University of Costa Rica’s Seismic Engineering Laboratory, LIS, is using REF TEK strong motion equipment in their network to not only locate the epicenter of the earthquake but also to predict where others may occur and the devastation that could potentially be seen with a larger earthquake. 

The REF TEK strong motion accelerographs transmit the data via internet from the site of the sensor to a central location where LIS can review the data and estimate the location and magnitude of the earthquake.

This Strong Motion Network is both unique and ground-breaking because traditionally strong motion recorders are used solely for structural monitoring, not for research studies or pinpointing earthquake locations or magnitudes; however, this group has shown it is possible to use strong motion REF TEK recorders to achieve the goals and needs of both the Strong Motion and Weak Motion studies while maintaining the traditional Strong Motion Network.

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