REF TEK Develops New Command & Control Software App

PRESS RELEASE – September 9, 2011

Keeping with the latest technology trends and market demands, REF TEK introduces the new version of software for command and control of the 130 family recorders – iFSC. The iFSC, Field Setup Controller,

software has been created for use with Apple’s iPod touch and iPhone.

iFSC, similar to the current command/control software (PFC), allows customers to edit and program the acquisition parameters of the 130 Recorder via the serial connector. The iFSC software touts a new feature which provides users the capability to transfer files via WiFi or Bluetooth by copying a configuration file from one iPod touch or iPhone to another making it easier to deploy a particular configuration file using multiple devices. REF TEK also has plans to add a dynamic real-time monitor display function that will replace the current static monitor function.

Customers who have used the PFC software on previous hand-held devices sold by REF TEK will find that the iFSC software has all of the same great features, plus several new additions, but with an updated, easy-to-use layout within the software app. With swipe-able, high resolution screens on the iPod touch and iPhone, it is easy to navigate from one screen to the next while using the iFSC software.

With this new addition of the iFSC software, it provides more flexibility for the customer by offering a variety of purchasing options. The customer can purchase the iPod touch directly from REF TEK with a package deal that includes a credit to purchase iFSC from the App StoreSM along with the connection cable (connecting the iPod touch to the 130-01), or they can purchase the iPod touch or iPhone and iFSC independently and purchase just the connection cable directly from REF TEK.

REF TEK is the sole provider of the iFSC-CABLE and must be purchased directly from REF TEK.

Customers can purchase and download iFSC from the App Store. iFSC will run on any iPod touch or iPhone with an iOS of 4.0 or later.

For further information, please see our iFSC software page or contact one of our sales staff or representatives.

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