REF TEK Broadband Seismometers to India and Russia

PRESS RELEASE – April 15, 2008

REF TEK Broadband Seismometer, Model 151-120 Observer. Frequency response: 120 sec to 50 Hz

Long term performance test before shipment

The new REF TEK 151 Observer Seismometer was introduced to the seismological community in early 2008 to outstanding reviews for its excellent performance, reliability, quality data output and ease of use.

Subsequently, REF TEK was selected through tenders to supply the Observer to premier research facilities – the National Geophysical Research Institute (NGRI) in Hyderabad, India and the Russian Academy of Sciences in Moscow, Russia.

NGRI selected REF TEK to provide sixteen REF TEK 130-01 Seismic Recorders and ten REF TEK 151-120 Observer Broadband Seismometers after comparing the Observer’s performance with other broadband sensors installed in its seismic vault. NGRI scientists noted its fast settling time, low noise performance, and recording of several earthquakes during the installation period.

REF TEK’s reputation of stability and integrity is supported by its long track record of providing quality instruments and reliable customer service to NGRI.

Shortly after REF TEK won the NGRI contract, we were awarded another contract to supply a network consisting of seven REF TEK 130-01/6 Recorders and REF TEK 151-120 Observer Broadband Seismometers to the Russian Academy of Sciences for local, regional and global seismic studies.

Shipment to both India and Russia is scheduled for the end of July, 2008

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