DAM Monitoring Network, THDC, India

PRESS RELEASE – March 25, 2008

REF TEK successfully completed the installation of REF TEK High Resolution Digital Data Recorders and seismometers for 12 remote seismic stations in February 2008 at Tehri Dam for the Tehri Hydro Development Corporation (THDC).
Tehri Dam is located in the highly active Central Himalayan Seismic Zone. The region was the site of a magnitude 6.8 earthquake in 1991. The earthquake epicenter was 50km from the location of the dam.

THDC is a joint venture with the government of India and the state government of Uttaranchal. Tehri Dam is designed to withstand earthquakes of up to M7.2 on the Richter scale. The dam, one of the world’s largest hydroelectric projects, is on India’s Bhagirathi River, the main tributary of the Ganges.

Each of the 12 seismic stations is equipped with a REF TEK 130-01/3 3rd Generation Broadband Seismic Recorder, broadband seismometer, and AFAR Spread Spectrum radio communication equipment. The 100 AmpH sealed lead-acid battery installed at each field station provides power autonomy for more than 5 days for all DC powered equipment. The 80 Watt solar panel kit provides battery charging for long-term unattended station operation.

The Central Control Station is located in Tehri Town. The Control Station computer operates the REF TEK-developed RTI multi-platform software suite for network station communication, command/control, real-time and interactive data viewing of 130 Recorders over LAN/WAN.

RTI runs on Windows, Linux or Solaris notebook/desktop computers. Earthworm software for real-time data processing as well as SEISAN and IASPEI software are integrated into the Control Station.

The important responsibility of monitoring the seismic stability of Tehri Dam has been entrusted to REF TEK because of its reputation of stability and integrity earned by our history of consistently supplying high quality products backed up with reliable field service and quality technical support.

Tehri DAM Topography

Tehri DAM Topography

Tehri DAM Topography

Tehri DAM Topography

Remote Station Hardware Installation

Remote Station Enclosure Close-up

AFAR Spread Spectrum Radio Installation

Seismic Vault Construction Completed

130-01 Parameter Set-up by the End-user

Final Connections Before the Station is up and Running

Spread Spectrum Radio Tuning

Training in Progress

Training in Progress

The Network is up and Running

End-user Happy with Telemetry Network
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