Block of Ice No Match for REF TEK Recorder

PRESS RELEASE – April 2, 2012

When REF TEK promises that its equipment is reliable and weatherproof they mean business. One of REF TEK’s customers, QinetiQ North America, proved this in January when they were using the 130-01 recorder to collect data in Fort Hood, Texas and found their 130-01 unit encased in a block of ice – still running.

The units were housed in weather resistant enclosures, but one of the enclosures had a crack on the lid which went unrecognized. During the data collection period, they encountered heavy rains followed by falling temperatures below 32° F. Returning to collect the data, they opened the lid of the enclosure only to find the 130-01 housed in a frozen block of ice.

However, upon inspection they realized that the LCD screen was still cycling through the status update. Frank Sepulveda, a Field/Test Engineer for QinetiQ North America, said that the ‘ice-DAS’ 130-01 continues to function without issues and is still a part of their active inventory of 130’s, and the CF card which they removed from the ‘ice-DAS’ provided them with quality data; thus, proving that REF TEK truly builds reliable equipment to withstand the weather elements in the field.

“With the recent addition of the iPod touch and the iPhone command and control application, my expectation is that the 13-01 will remain our ‘workhorse’ data acquisition system for many years to come,” said Sepulveda.

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